Monday, September 15, 2008

beloved binge and the highway drifters

this was an awesome show--i'm going to try to squeeze in a little blog about it, just to be caught up--going for a record 3 blogs in 1 sitting--only 2 bands tonight, really we were still recovering from the thunderstorm experience (and those comfort creatures really know how to party) in fact this show almost didn't happen everyone is feeling so lazy and relaxed in the backyard, but i'm glad it did because these were 2 bands right up my musical tastes--the Drifters were such a tight 3 piece, all instrumental, really fun--to me they sounded kind of like the allman brothers, big heroic power chords over fast almost bluesy beats--but without all the over kill guitar solo stuff you'd expect from the "jam band" scene--these kids had tight well crafted songs, almost a pop sensibility, like i said really fun and great to juggle to--and the Binge, how much talent can you squeeze into a 2 piece--he plays guitar, she sings, plays keyboards, and plays the drum kit--catchy songs that stick in your head for days--now they are a pop band--but with that cool indie garage ethic--i don't like people but i'm trying--and my favorite the anthemic set closer--i want to be at peace and war with everything--just goes to show--go on with the show-you never know

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